Singles ladder rules

1. The ladder is only open to members of the Executioners Fives Club as agreed by the Club Committee
2. The ladder will be re-ordered randomly at the start of each season
3. Players can join or leave the ladder at any time
4. New entrants will appear at the bottom of the ladder
5. Players leaving the ladder will be removed and everyone will move up a place
6. Players can only challenge individuals up to five places above them
7. If a challenge is accepted, another challenge cannot be accepted and/or played until the first match is played
8. Challengees must offer three dates on which the match can be played including club nights. If the match cannot be played within two weeks, then the match is defaulted to the challenger.
9. Once a match is played, a player cannot challenge the same player for a minimum of two weeks
10. If a challenge is refused, the game will be defaulted to the challenger
11. The results must be emailed to the ladder coordinator and include players’ rank in the ladder, the date the match was played and the score
12. If the lower ordered challenger wins the match, they move to the position occupied by the higher ordered challengee who moves down one place
13. If the lower ordered challenger loses, nothing changes
14. A match will be made up of one game up to 15
15. Before play begins, both players should agree on what ball will be used for the match (G6 preferred)
16. Normal Rugby Fives rules apply (click here for RFA approved rules)
17. The committee reserves the right  to drop people down the ladder at their discretion, exercised only if people are not playing matches and are providing an obstruction to others moving up the ladder (notwithstanding that challenges can be made up to 5 places ahead).

Last updated May 19th 2016