Club history

axes silohette3The Executioners Rugby Fives Club was established in 1988.

The idea for a West London-based club came from a group of predominantly former Exeter University fives players, primarily Dave Fox but also Trevor Ingle, Simon Swales, Alex Wilson, Graham Beauchamp and Mick Addison. These six were initially the core of the Club, but membership swiftly rose so that, in its early years, the Executioners could boast around 30 people (of both sexes) on a club night, as well as a fixture list of up to around 30 matches per year and fixtures for both an A and a B team.

Although membership dwindled slightly in the mid-nineties, the Club has over the last few years attracted a new generation of fives players, and numbers at club nights are again up in the twenties.

The Club maintains the crossed axes logo which it has had from the start and is based, as it always has been, at St Paul’s School in Barnes, West London, with the kind permission of the School. St Paul’s has always been an excellent venue with its six rugby fives courts, which means that club nights can cater for a large number of players without anyone having to wait for access to a court.